Thursday, September 20, 2007

Biochemistry. A little too much to digest?

I'm interested in the idea of evolution.  I've realized recently that if I claim to be a christian, and there are overwhelming arguments that claim to not only pose slight challenges to my faith, but claim to overthrow them, I should take time to consider the opposing arguments.  My goal is not to defend what I believe at all costs, but on some foundational level, believe that which is most defendable.  I know that this view is already getting some adverse reactions, but let me expand for only a moment.  My goal is to seek truth.  Assuming that you believe in some sort of absolute truth, then this search will lead you to truth and the truth will be the most defendable.  This does NOT mean that it will be the easiest, or the nicest.  (The Holocaust is not nice, but its is a historical truth).  
Today I began reading Darwin's Black Box by Michael J. Behe.  I have decided to take this book slowly, picking it up only when I'm ready to be mentally engaged and overwhelmed.  In the very first chapter of the first section (designed to wet the appetite) Behe refers to the biochemistry of vision: 

He concludes the first chapter by writing: 
"Yet for the Darwinian theory of evolution to be true, it has to account for the molecular structure of life. It is the purpose of this book to show that it does not."

While I will not in any way attempt to blog about this book in detail, I will from time to time point out interesting points that Behe makes.  For those of you who are more familiar with the topic, or would like additional information on a particular point I may address or skip, please feel free to comment and I will attempt to respond accordingly.

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Righteous said...

Word up. I know it is a grave mistake to not allow faith to be challenged by academic exploration. Its good to be challenged, and its also good to be offended at times; otherwise we build a Christian bubble around ourselves and limit our experinces to what we already know.

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