Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Following Who?

Ok, usually I won't post political things, but every now and then I feel too strongly about something to just sit back and not say anything. So here it is, short, and I hope to the point. I promise no more political things for a while...

She’s at it again. Ann Coulter, outrageous as ever will spew anything hateful and erroneous as long as it sells books. In this interview with the New York Observer she states that women shouldn’t have the right to vote.
Anyone see anything a little contradictory there? To her credit I don’t think she actually believes anything she says, it’s all about staying in the limelight due to saying something utterly ridiculous and inflammatory. What I really don’t get is this: why do so many in the Christian community blindly support her? Have we forgotten the fundamental message of Christ? To love each other? Its almost as if we throw our support wholeheartedly after anyone who votes Republican. Have we forgotten the purpose of democracy? The purpose of our two party system? It was meant to encourage dialogue, understanding, and collaboration, not divide, anger, and slander. Calling people like John Edwards a “faggot” and labeling all liberals as “godless” sets us back miles from where we should be, and miles from where truth is. Come on. She talks about believing in God, but does she ever ask herself what he would say? I doubt it would sound anything like the hateful divisive filth that comes out of her mouth. And the worst part of it is, people are going to think that she is representative of all republicans, that all conservatives are as hateful as she is. It makes me sick. I can’t help but feel like Jesus would be pretty far from agreement with her, in fact, I can’t see him saying anything like what she says. So come on, who are we following?

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Righteous said...

Well said Jon. I've read several of her books and she makes a lot of good points, but she is very hateful. I couldn't continue to read her stuff because I don't want to pick up her cynacism and intolerance. I saw her on the 700 Club one day, and she almost dropped the F-bomb, but then she realized that she was on religious television. As a Brotha, I am kind of on the fringe about Republicans in general, and as a believer I don't believe people of faith should be tied to one single party, we are beyond the red team, blue team thing. We serve God. -Peace

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