Monday, October 29, 2007

Who knew?

The book I'm reading now is very much out of the norm of what I like to read. Actually I scoffed at the book the first time I saw it saying something along the lines of how much I hate books like this one. Turns out the book is pretty good so far. It was recommended to me by some friends, it apparently changed their whole outlook on relationships. As much as we hate to feel like focus needs to be on relationships, we are all in them at some point so maybe giving the book a chance is a good idea. It is called, "for women only" by Shaunti Feldhahn. Don't worry men there is one for you too, it's called, "for men only" ( I know you weren't expecting that title) and that one is written by she and her husband. The book goes into the supposed inner lives of men. The author took the time, with help from professionals (the former chief of survey for the U.S. census bureau and another lady that does research and surveys) to survey men in and out of the church all across the country on issues in relationships. The men were from the ages 21 - 75, they were anonymous and the questions referred to how men think, how they feel and what their needs are. She did a couple of follow up surveys to finish her analysis and then wrote this book. So far the biggest revelation is that most men would rather feel alone and unloved than to feel inadequate or disrespected. That's so opposite of women who mainly want to feel loved and as far from lonely as they can get. I guess respecting someone can be what makes them feel loved. We'll find out. The author has a master's degree in public policy from Harvard, has worked on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. She has many bestselling books, is a syndicated newspaper columnist and a public speaker. I bet there is some validity in the stuff she has to say.

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Righteous said...

"the biggest revelation is that most men would rather feel alone and unloved than to feel inadequate or disrespected."

Wow, so true! I can definitely relate, perhaps too much.

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